An M-J collaboration?

“Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.”


To be honest, I am all of the above. I suppose that’s human. But tonight, so much less of the latter.

So tonight was a lazy Friday night. So much for a girl who never went home on time, and left home before everybody else. Thaat busy.

Mimi the bestfriend and I finally got to see a film from Vancouver International Film Festival. Decided to see Find a Reason to Believe, it was called. What I used to think was a run-down Empire Theatre on Granville St. was packed with classy + mature looking starving artist-esque type of people. Got a discounted ticket from a man who’s friend bailed to show up. $4 saved =D

The film was a collection of mini-films. Check out for more info on this.

I thought that the idea of 10 mini-films was pretty good. It was great to see a bit of a lot of things. It wasn’t overwhelming. I was just a little bit uncomfortable for the most part because I was anticipating murder scenes. That’s where all the fun stuff happen. And of course, I was right…a few murder-related scenes!

Overall, Find a Reason to Believe was a good collection of short films. My favourites being : The Break Up, A Wink of the Eye, A Reluctant Bride (they should make a whole film on this one!), and Touch.

I found the audience to be quite rude at the end of the film since they all just left when “question period” was on. Looks bad on Vancouver, I think. And the dude beside me was sooo annoying and loud. Usually I’m the loud one, but he just barked at the movie screen whenever he felt like it, and laughed out loud (loud is key).

Mimi and I realized that we too, could make a short film. Or a long one. An indie-film based on a real story…a mash up of our love lives, and what we hear from friends. It would be a dark love story. Something though-provoking. Almost crazy. We have a few ideas, but I don’t want to share them right now. Main point is, there might be an M-J collaboration coming soon to the next run-down theatre near you…or VIFF in 5 years? Or less. Either way, an idea is erupting from our creative, twisted minds. And you better watch out =P More on this to be shared and explored. Just sayin…



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