Thrill the world, make it a better place

So this year, I became a part of  THRILL THE WORLD VANCOUVER. My my my! I know I’m a Leo and I’m supposed to shamelessly devour the attention but I wasn’t sure about this one.

zombie zahid

It’s funny how I heard about Thrill the World last year, as part of my research on Jim Pattison. I had to come up with news every week that mentioned Jim Pattison somehow, and I believe one of Mr. Pattison’s many companies sponsored Thrill the World last year. So showing my PR class the video, of 200+ “zombies” dancing to MJ’s “Thriller” was quite amusing. And to know that the rest of the world is doing this bizarre dance all at the same time—what an empowering movement.

me thrilling as a school girl sans makeup

I did not attend the practices, but the very last one, with only one and a half hours left of practice out of three. I wasn’t sure if I’d be doing “Thriller” this year after watching the intense dance move that this lady is teaching, that kept me up all night laughing out loud (yes, at 2 am). Here’s that impressive “can I even do this seriously?” Thriller dance instruction:

Then there’s Thrill the World Vancouver 2009. Everyone looks like they knew what they’re doing! How can I even be as scary, let alone catch up with the dance steps?

Zahid and I considered for awhile (like 10 minutes). And being the Leo that I am, as much as I like being the “spectator”, I realize that I’d rather be the performer than the one recording and laughing. And to Yaletown Roundhouse we went, and joined the others as we were  taught by this Australian man how to “booty bounce” and “whaazzup”…and MJ moves.

The rest is history. We got into our “costumes”. Zahid found some nurse scrubs from home, and I decided that I’d be a schoolgirl. Such effort on that torn up stocking, oh my =p

With 284 zombies at Yaletown Roundhouse, and familiar Vancouver rain, the world was thrilled for 6 minutes. Though my dance steps be hideous and off the beat, and my off-the-shoulder top coming more off-the-arm (bad idea!), I actually took it seriously and did not laugh like a maniac as I’ve expected myself to do. And I shamelessly (and stiffly) danced to Thriller, like an amateur zombie.

If you want entertainment at your next party, you know who to call. HA! As if…maybe.

But you know what the lesson is? Pretty much is to have fun and get as much life experience that you can! Do weird things, smart things, embarrassing things, cool things, scary things, and add some colour to that boring life we love to complain about! I really hope that I would not define my life through just one thing—either my career, education, race, etc. I hope that I will be able to experience a lot of “thrilling” things, that I would become multi-dimensional; a life-oriented person, with a thirst for any kind of experience. In the end, I had fun and now got a weird story to tell.

I was part of Thrill the World 2010, and proud of it =D Can’t wait to thrill the world again…new Zahid-Justinne tradition? It better be! Just sayin’…

the zombie couple

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