7-Eleven 99-cent hot drinks

As a student, I like good deals.


7-Eleven Store at Granville St., Richmond

It’s been about a decade since I last went to a 7-Eleven, and this time a deal drew me in because my boyfriend said so. They’re currently selling their hot beverages for only 99 cents (any size), and a few other food products for cheap (like Wings Wednesdays for 39 cents each!). I think that this is a good strategy for them since it definitely draws people into these old-school stores that people rarely go to anymore.

There were different flavours too, not just hot chocolate and coffee. They had “Chips Ahoy Cappuccino”, “Kraft Caramel Cappuccino”, “Reese Peanut Butter Cup Cocoa”, and “Blood Orange Cocoa”. I’ve tried “Chips Ahoy Cappuccino” and that was very very sweet that an x-large cup would be too much and would get you perhaps chocolate wasted? Tonight I went with a boring hot cocoa but topped off with fun chocolate  marshmallows! I chose a smaller cup instead of the biggest one since I knew I’d probably get sick of the drink after awhile—I was right. But Zahid never says no to another cup of hot cocoa, and because he does not like wasting good stuff anyways, so he obviously chugged it all down along with his x-large cup.

I really liked that they had a “toppings” section where you can add marshmallows, chocolate marshmallows, french vanilla shots, caramel, and all that yummy stuff!

Bottom line is, I think you should take advantage of this limited time offer. I don’t know when this ends, but if you’re trying to save money and want a good selection of hot drinks in this chilly Vancouver weather, definitely grab your cup at 7-Eleven. Cheap and good, what’s wrong with that? And no, I’m not paid to say this haha. Just sayin’.

hot chocolate with choco marshmallows


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