Eat, Drink, Celebrate…Donate.

My Public Relations class is holding a fundraising for a small organization called Small Talk, sometime next year. In order to have a successful fundraising, we clearly need to raise as much awareness and funds for our client. We’re hosting mini-fundraisers before THE fundraiser next year (date tba), and we’ve been able to raise $1,000+ from our first fundraising at Bar None.

Small Talk is a centre for children with language-based learning difficulties. Because they are a small, specialized organization, not a lot of people know about them. But there is an increasing demand for this centre, as they cannot accommodate all the students that need their specialized attention and knowledge, because of their lack of resources.

I’ve personally organized for the PARTY PASS to happen as a class fundraising initiative. Half of the card proceeds from our class sales will go towards our Small Talk fundraising. Each classmate is responsible for 2 Party Passes, which sells for $20 per card. That’s $10 towards Small Talk.

Well, what is a Party Pass? It’s a card that allows young professionals and students to get great deals from the hottest bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in Vancouver, Victoria, and even Whistler. Each card works for all 3 cities! Deals vary from free club covers, free drinks, 25% off your bill, discounts on gift cards, and so much more!

Here’s a few places in Vancouver where you could use the Party Pass:

  • The Morrissey
  • Calabash Bistro
  • Subeez
  • Roxyburger
  • The Reef
  • Caprice Lounge
  • Ceilis Irish Pub and Restaurant
  • Ginger 62
  • Barcelona
  • The Academic Public House
  • Shine
  • Section 3
  • Post Modern Dancebar
  • Five Sixty
  • Deuce Bungalow
  • Eight 1/2 Restaurant and Lounge
  • Malone’s Bar and Grill
  • Tunnel Nightclub
  • Fortune Sound Club
  • The Cambie
  • Olympia Bar and Grill
  • Joseph Richard Boutique Nightclub
  • Venue
  • Motel
  • Garfinkels (Whistler)
  • Republic
  • Joes’ Apartment

That’s actually A LOT of places to get deals from, and that’s just in Vancouver alone!

So if you’re not quite interested in clubbing, you might be into going to restaurants/lounges instead.

For only $20, you can use the Party Pass until April 2011. Also, $10 goes towards our PR Class Fundraiser for Small Talk! Umm hello?! How can you go wrong with partying and eating at restaurants, with great deals…all for a good cause?!

Think about this…it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year (and it sure feels like it with the weather we’re getting), so what can you give to that party animal friend of yours that would also make you feel good inside? What’s a great stocking stuffer for that starving college student who wants likes to go out? What’s a great Secret Santa gift that you can give to that person you barely even know? What’s a great overall Christmas gift to your favourite PR student, and to the kids and families at Small Talk?

I have it, and you know it.

To buy a Party Pass, get one from me! I only need to sell two, but I can always get more =) Contact: justinne.ramirez[at] , find me on witter


For more information on the Party Pass, please click here:

For more information on Small Talk, please click here:

Just sayin’.



CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: submit a receipt with evidence you’ve used The Party Pass at a participating establishment (send photo via e-mail to, and be entered for a chance to win $50 in gift certificates to Roxy Burger!!! Contest closes Thurs Dec.2 at midnight. Winner announced Fri Dec.3.


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