Bringing Sexy Time Back?

“Alice and Henry have checked into a swanky hotel for the weekend. Armed with a copy of “Sex for Dummies” and some racy lingerie, Alice is determined to resuscitate the romance in their 25–year marriage. Henry doesn’t think anything needs fixing but wisely opts to play along. You’ll be in for a few surprises as the pair try to work out the “kinks” in their relationship. A touching, laugh–out–loud comedy about an ordinary couple with a less–than–ordinary overnight bag.”

I’ve always been into plays. I regret that I haven’t seen as many as I should’ve, but I will always have a soft spot for theatre. After all, before my passion for PR erupted, my first love was the stage. Stage fright? Nuh-uh. I was Louie in The King and I, the Fairy Godmother in Cambie’s Cinderella, Rebel # 3 in Cool Suit (haha!), and competed in many storytelling and declamation contests as a girl with pigtails. I took drama for 3 years in highschool (regret not taking it the whole way), and became a Stage Manager for Minus Some Buttons in my 12th year of school. Having visited four of the Vancouver Theatre Sports improv shows (including my 3rd year anniversary with Zahid and my 20th birthday), I can’t wait to see more stage performances/acts!

Acting on stage is one of those things that I would do for cheap…even for free. You know you love something if you’d do it for free, right? That’s why we pay for school. Ha! Anyways, perhaps one day, I will return to this passion and get involved somehow in a community play. But for now, I will continue to be a spectator. Too bad I’m no longer in highschool to participate in the eyeGO program ($5 to plays =O )

On Saturday night, in honour of girl’s night out, Jina and Kaye and I decided to see Gateway Theatre’s production, Sexy Laundry. As it was its final night of showing, it was a definite full house –a house full of married, middle-aged couples in their dressy outfits, and demure demeanor. Perhaps we felt a little out of place. Perhaps all eyes were on our youthful glow ;)— Jina’s Canadiana hat, my bright purple tights, and Kaye’s gangster swagger—but at the same time, we felt mature and classy to be viewing a play intended for adults. Hey, we are adults now after all!

You’d think that the play would be all about sexy time, but it was really more than just that. I saw it more as a play exploring one’s relationship overtime, after many years.

So the plot as described above, is about a couple struggling in their relationship because of the lack of intimacy and connection that they’ve been having in a  few years. The stage set was supposedly a hotel, the “L” Hotel, to be exact. I did not get this until it was mentioned later on, and it made more sense when it was mentioned. Although their topic was about a 25-year love that has gone unsexy, it still relatable to younger adults in long-term relationships. Sometimes, after a few years, you and your partner just get so comfortable with each other, that you feel like you no longer need to impress the other person. However, from Henry and Alice’s experiences, it’s always good to keep your relationship exciting and young, no matter how many years or even decades you’ve been in each other’s arms for.

The actors were very expressive!  Henry’s character was very distinctive–he is a conservative, mature, serious man who is almost stereotypical for an accomplished engineer in his fifty’s. Alice’s character was very typical as well of middle-aged women, feeling insecure of her curvier body and referring to herself  as not one of Charlie’s Angels, but as “Bosley” instead (this scene was a hoot!). I liked how they were stereotypical of men and women because the audience was definitely nodding in approval as the lines were recited—wives giving their man a “see what I mean?” look, while he returns with a “sounds like you” kind of smirk.

Lots of movement around the stage of a bed, a wall of “L” mirrors, uncomfortable chair, and a hanging incense burner. There were lots of entertainment as the scenes were an emotional roller coaster, with drama and comedy taking over the stage.

Too bad the people at the front did not lead the audience for a standing ovation, as this was the play’s last showtime at the Gateway Theatre. Honestly,  I truly enjoyed it as a 20-year-old member of a more mature audience. I even had a tear in my right eye (not left), as Henry describes his fantasy to be one that includes Alice, when she was more carefree and relaxed (when they were younger). I hope one day, Zahid won’t have to remind me of how energetic I was…I just want to remain as the energetic Justinne forever!

This is my second time watching a Gateway Theatre production, and proud to say that they’re in my hometown, Richmond, B.C. Heck, they do not disappoint! The seats were great too, though this time it was in a studio. My only concern is the fact that the seats are not reserved, as I thought they would be (since I had to choose a seat online). Perhaps it should be clear that the seats are on a first come, first served basis?

And now that the Sexy Laundry has finally been folded, the sun will come out for one of my childhood favourite gingers…Annie!!!

It’s only a few days away! Annie starts on Dec. 9th at the

Gateway Theatre in Richmond, B.C.

Want a jolly Justinne this Christmas 😉 ?! You’re looking at a possible idea!

Just sayin’…


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