Agency or In-House?

Just a few hours ago, I was one of the students touring an integrated communications agency, Cossette Communications. I’ve been so set in working for an in-house communications team, that it slipped my mind how much fun and experiences could be gained from working in an agency.

As graduation is fast approaching (hello, June 2011), it’s about time for me think about How to Cope with Life After Kwantlen (should be a book). Of course I have to get a degree (perhaps Professional Communications from Royal Roads!)…but where to go after?

Instructors say that in-house communications jobs pay better, and allow you to know more about your company/product to a point that you become an expert. Yet agencies are best for those who want a taste of everything, since the  clients vary and the challenges are always different. In a way, agencies sound like more fun, and are best for younger people with energy.

For months now, I’ve decided that I will be pursuing an in-house job in the hospitality industry. I really wanted to work for either a hotel, airline, or hospitality company such as Jet Set Sports (having worked there during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics). It’s a mix of my interest in the tourism industry and of course, PR. I’ve been so into getting a communications job in the hospitality industry, that I try to do most of my school projects related to hotels just so my name is attached to it. Driven and determined…that’s how I’ve been to this date.

Touring Cossette today and hearing from Optimum PR’s Vice President Jackie Asante,  gave me a vibe that an agency is a wonderful place to start with as an entry-level PR person. It gives you the perfect space to learn and grow as a PR professional. This means a lot coming from a corporate communicator of 20+ years such as her! She’s also worked in-house and in an agency, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

While I’m now having a dilemma on whether to work for in-house or an agency, I do have a little bit more time to explore this topic. I will seek for advice from my instructors, mentor, and other communicators to see where’s the best place to start with! Perhaps start Googling as well…

Thank you Cossette, for making me think about agencies once again! Why do you have to leave such a spectacular impression on me?!

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Agency or In-House?

  1. One of the best things I did was two internships – one totally outside of what I wanted to do (non-profit) and the other right where I thought I wanted to be (agency). It can be a hit on the wallet, as so many internships are unpaid, but it gave me a buffer to decide what I wanted from my career.

    Good luck with the last semester!

    1. Hi Iris! Thank you for that comment! I’m actually looking for internship opportunities right now as a graduation requirement. Mind you, it is rather stressful looking for an organization! I am excited but more nervous actually. I feel like this is IT! My chance to either WOW them or…not. But I believe that I will gain valuable experience from this internship, as you did.

      I hope all is well =)

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