Willkommen to Vancouver Christmas Market

Well-crafted Christmas booth, one of many
Well-crafted Christmas booth, one of many


This weekend, Zahid and I decided to visit the well-publicized, Vancouver-meets-Germany, the Vancouver Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market was really easy to find, as it was in the corner of West Georgia St. and Hamilton St. (beside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, across from the CBC Vancouver Headquarter).

Thank goodness to Indulge Living for giving us the opportunity to only pay $5 for both of our admission fees , instead of $5 each! This was such a great and hassle-free deal, as it allowed me and Zahid to save some $, in case we need that $5 to shop at the Market.

It was a pretty long line-up. Being bullied by the very chilly Vancouver weather was excruciating! It was so hard to stand in line for merely 15 minutes…and we thought it’d be warmer with the crowd inside the Market. We were wrong =(

Very popular Christmas mug!

Everyone was walking around with their wine in a mug. I seriously thought it was free! But nothing is free anymore =( But I couldn’t get one as they only accepted cash at this particular booth. It was also one of the steals from thw Market…only $4! It’s a great commemorative piece of the first Vancouver Christmas Market. If anyone is going soon, please get me one! I will pay you back =D

So overall, I really liked the way it was set up. Sure it was no Richmond Night Market in terms of size, but it was definitely something different. You get a unique feel inside since the booths were all wooden, and uniform, with the store’s name on the booth’s “forehead”. Really cute…I kind of felt as if I was at Santa’s Workshop.

There were lots of life-sized nutcrackers around, and this was a really fun addition to the Market. They also had a live band playing Christmas carols, which definitely brought the spirits up! I would’ve liked to have some Christmas songs playing even after the band is done playing.

Also, I really wished that they had more portable heaters set up and have someone monitor them. The night was kind of hard to enjoy because it was super duper cold! Perhaps I should’ve brought more layers, but a heater would’ve been very helpful.

Christmas ornaments...check!

The items at the Christmas Market included: beautifully crafted Christmas ornaments (lots!), bratwurst sausages, German wine, honey products, wooden toys, and an arts and craft section for children. But the thing about the Market is… it is quite pricey! The sausages cost at least $8, and the ornaments were about $6 for the small ones. It was definitely enjoyable to go around and have a feel of the German culture (they even had German volunteers 😀 ), but I thought that it would’ve been nice to have wide price range, instead of just catering to those who are not working with a student budget. I would’ve loved to purchase something German, but it was out of my budget.

Overall, I do encourage Vancouverites to visit the first Vancouver Christmas Market. It’s very festive inside, and has definitely attracted a lot of visitors. Their publicity team did a really great job in this one…I salute you! I see/hear about it everywhere, from word of mouth, TV ads, tweets, newspapers, etc.

It was supposed to be open since November 24th until December 24th, but the unfortunate fire on the first day has delayed its opening to November 28th. But who cares about that now?! It’s open, and ready to spread some Christmas cheer to Vancouverites, everyday until December 24th, from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm. Perfect for those who need some Christmas spirit in their busy lives!

Reminder to those who are going: Just bring a few dollar bills so you don’t have to pay $3 for the ATM. Oh, and bring a toque and gloves too! Vancouver is so cold nowadays =(

Just Sayin’.

zahid and i with nutcrackerman


For more information, please visit: http://www.vancouverchristmasmarket.com/

UPDATE: Thanks Miss Dana S. for actually getting the Vancouver Christmas mug for me! I owe you a coffee !


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