2010: End the decade with a BANG!

What a BANG of excitement and adventure 2010 has brought me. Way to end a decade…definitely one of my favourite years in my 20 years of living =)

I had so much fun this year doing the range of activities and work that I did. I got to know myself a little bit better, and gained the confidence in myself that I am very proud of. I feel happier and more satisfied with everything I have: from my personal growth, friends and family, Zahid, list of experiences, work, school, extra-curricular activities, and even my material possessions. Of course, I still have LOTS to learn and experience, and I am really really excited to see what else is in store for me.

Like I what I always say to mes amis, I’d like to define my life not just as Justinne the PR gonna-be, but I’d like to be seen as life-oriented as well. I want to add more to my experiences and adventures, and all of these, to define Justinne.

Here are the highlights of my 2010:

  • first Canucks game watched vs. Pittsburgh Penguins…Canucks won!
  • Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010…worked for Jet Set Sports/Co-Sport, the official hospitality provider of the Games
  • Zahid moved to the city of Surrey
  • first time river rafting at Thompson River with my adventure pals
  • first time wind-surfing at Jericho beach
  • day trip to Victoria
  • first time kayaking under the Burrard inlet
  • watched the Vancouver Theatresports for my 3 years with Zahid, 20th birthday, Mimi’s bi-decade ceremony
  • first time ATV at Whistler for my birthday celebration with Zahid
  • home alone for the first time, when my family went to San Diego without me in the summer =( uggh..marketing presentation!
  • watched a soccer game for the first time- White Caps vs. Montreal
  • watched the exhibition game between Toronto Raptors and Phoenix Suns
  • V-day at Ciao Bella’s
  • Halloween at the Tunnel Nightclub with Kaye and her pals
  • non-traditional Noche Buena of eating at a restaurant, because of a plane ride on Christmas day
  • got accepted into the Leaders of Tomorrow program: met my mentor Teg Brar, attended a bunch of networking and professional events under the Vancouver Board of Trade, met really motivated and intelligent young professionals
  • got hired as the social media coordinator for Hampton Inn Vancouver Airport, and Best Western Abercorn Inn
  • volunteered as a communications member for Rick Hansen’s Wheels in Motion
  • volunteered at the Richmond Christmas Fund
  • checked out Doors Open Richmond…hello Buddhist temple, mosque, winery
  • enchanted by Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza
  • awed by Gateway Theatre’s Annie (my absolute favourite play so far!) and Sexy Laundry
  • haunted Vancouver at Thrill the World
  • got driving lessons and failed my N because I forgot to put down the hand brake!!! (try, try again!)
  • Seattle trip with my family
  • Seattle trip with friends! First time ever…thanks mother and father!
  • We Day media relations volunteering..hello to welcoming Hedley, Rick Hansen, Jesse Jackson, Martin Sheen, Colbie Caillat, Ethan Zohn…and a few others 😉
  • signed up to kick harder and harder at 30 Minute Hit…great health and fitness investment!
  • Uncle Tito and Nanang Reming went to heaven…Rest in Peace.
  • watched 2 film fests: Vancouver International, and Vancouver Asian
  • watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. I on premiere night at midnight!!! Blimey, I am such a devoted muggle -O-O-
  • top it all off with a trip to San Diego, California to celebrate Christmas with relatives for the first time in 9 years!!! WOW! While there, we just had to go to Disneyland Resort ! IMAGINE that 😉

This year had been full of firsts and I am ever so grateful for it all! It definitely enriched my life and allowed me to take it easy. To just breathe and enjoy life. And I can’t wait to continue doing this for the rest of my life…to have memories of joy, accomplishment,relationships, and adventure.

2010, you have been good to me! Thank you so much =)

Just Sayin’…

Me holding my biggest fear as of 3 years ago



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