20…only 2 decades, or already halfway to 40?

A lot of people say I am young.

I’ve been begging to differ for a little while.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am 20 years old. Yes, TWENTY YEARS OLD. 2 decades old. Halfway to forty.

A lot of people think I am crazy to think I am “old”. Seriously?

Well, I really feel like I have a lot to achieve now that I am in my twenties. It’s such a huge jump from being a teenager, last year! Now, all of a sudden, I am classified as a young adult.

After all, 25 is an ultimate milestone for a lot of people. Including myself. We all want to reach a lot of things by the time we’re 25. I even have a list of my own “silver goals“, because there really is a lot of pressure in terms of reaching “success” at that age. That, is another topic.

Anyways, I always think about reaching my goals at a younger time. Like, what if I only knew about the PR program at Kwantlen in Grade 12? I would’ve definitely taken it straight out of highschool! Instead, I was exposed to sociology. I was supposed to get a degree in sociology! My favourite topic being ethnic and racialization, underrepresented minorities, Orientalism (Edward Said), etc. As much as I don’t regret taking sociology (I loved it), I could’ve been getting my degree now that I am 20, instead of just about to get a diploma this spring.

So for awhile, I have been rushing everything. Keeping myself as busy as ever, just so I can get that PR dream job as young as I can! Hoping to get my PR degree at 21, instead of taking it easy and getting it when I’m 22.

But really, this year, I want to realize how young I still am. It is my time to be young. This is a lot of pressure people. To become a successful young adult who can make a difference. The next few years will be defining my life. There will be habits formed. Values and morals tested. BIG decisions made: from my education, foundation for my career, marriage (yes! I may be married in this decade!), lifestyle choices, moving out and taking off, fluttering my wings and flying off to lush new gardens.

So this decade is my generation’s time. Halfway to 40? 2 decades old? OLD? One day, I will be wishing I’m twenty again. I am still a few years away from Olay Regenerist and hot flashes *cringe*

This youth better be worth it.

Just sayin’…


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