Really, I’m not complaining


what I CONSTANTLY remind myself

Have too much to do? Yes I do! I am busy, how about you?

It’s funny that I say that there’s too many things to do as I type this post. I really should get off this right? FAIL.

I guess this is balance for me. Staying up so late to unwind, despite of my lack of sleep. Does that even make sense :$

Right now, I am in the middle of:

Social life? Huh? You mean texting and FB-ing people?! But I do have the occasional Fridays =) Aah.

Well I know it would all pay off one day, right? Please tell me it would!

I just really have this energy for being involved in some organization, somehow. I like feeling useful and doing something. Mind you, I LOVE doing…nothing. I am NEVER bored because I get amused easily, and boredom is a state of mind anyways. But being busy keeps me motivated to reach my silver goals, or even just my 2011 Will-Accomplish List.

Well this is part of my experience-seeking self; not just in PR, but life. 😛

Really, I’m not complaining. Doing this just clears my mind =)

Just sayin’…


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