Speechless…thanks to the King


Tonight, because of my expiring “Groupon”, I had no choice but to see the only movie playing at the Park Theatre on Cambie: The King’s Speech.

Directed by Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech is about King George VI of Britain (Golden Globe’s Best Actor, Colin Firth), and how he dealt with his speech impediments as the new reigning monarch with the help of his self-proclaimed speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush). It’s a movie about “finding his voice” and showing that he is worthy of the title, “King”. By the way, Harry Potter‘s Bellatrix Lestrange/Alice in the Wonderland‘s Red Queen/Sweeney Todd‘s Mrs. Lovett was in it too! Yes, Helena Bonham Carter did not play a bizarre, cold-hearted character in this one…here she was Your Highness, Queen Elizabeth. How splendid 🙂

It is true that The King’s Speech made me a bit speechless. This was certainly not a bore. What I expected to be a heavy drama decorated with historical facts and terms turned out to be a clever film that maintained a light-hearted feel to it. The plot was easy to follow, and there were plenty of humour in the scenes between the speech therapist (named Lionel Logue) and the King.

I do not regret spending my Saturday night watching this because it was one of those films that you will actually tell your friends to watch, as I am right now. I even told my parents to watch it, and I’ve convinced them to do so tomorrow 😀 It’s especially recommended for those who want to watch something that may well become a classic, history-based… a “not-so-typical-Hollywood” film. Plus, it did have a lot of wins/nominations, including the Golden Globe Awards.

I even thought it was kind of PR-related because the whole movie was based on trying to get the King to have confidence in himself, and also present himself differently from what the public thinks of him (that bloody stammerer). The speech therapist kept training him before and during his public “appearances” (more like radio appearances) like how I would imagine media training in media relations would be.

Basically, I really do approve of this movie. If I did not convince you to see it, there are other approvals 😛

Just sayin’…


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