Pleasant Experience at Fish On Rice

Halfway through our meal

Tonight, two non-pregnant women (me and my bff) were craving for some AYCE sushi.

After a random encounter/help from a man who works at a corner store, we decided to go to 1414 W. Broadway St. to satisfy our cravings. There we decided to check out Fish On Rice.

The food itself was pretty good. They had really great portions, and were presentable. Although I’ve had fresher sushi (*ahem* Jumbo Sushi in Richmond), the food at F.O.R. was very satisfying.

The service was what made the experience really pleasant. I’m so used to being treated poorly at sushi restaurants, that my expectations have gone down. But at F.O.R., I actually felt like the server(s) did what they were supposed to do…which is simply serve the customers. I felt like they were there for us whenever we needed them, and made sure that our water and tea were refilled as necessary. They took away the dirty dishes, in a way that was not distracting. The servers worked together in serving our table, and never told us that it was “someone else’s table”. I really felt like they worked as a team. Very polite and friendly too. I’m very happy about this. And with great service, comes happy customers = well-deserved tip!

As for the value, it wasn’t the $15 weekday AYCE I expected, but because I was happy with the service and the food, I didn’t mind paying more. It’s all about the good experience, right?

The ambiance was not that special…it was fine. Typical Japanese restaurant.

Overall, I do recommend it.

Just sayin’…


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