Kwantlen PR Student Finally Secures Vancouver Theatre Sports League Internship


Patience and persistence pay off as Justinne Ramirez finds PR Practicum to fulfill her graduation requirements.

VANCOUVER, B.C.–January 15, 2011–With only two weeks left of the Kwantlen Public Relations program, Justinne Ramirez is pumped to get an exclusive preview of her career with the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. She is excited about working hand-in-hand with VTSL’s marketing director, Alex N. as the official PR intern of the highly hilarious improv show. For the month of March, her passion for theatre and skills in PR would be the life for this energetic young professional.

Justinne has been pursuing hospitality, theatre, and even transportation organizations for her practicum placement. Finally, she emailed the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. After a few days of no response, she realized she had to de-stress and have a good laugh at the Improv Centre itself. While there, she casually asked the ticket lady if there is a PR person present. They said no, but they definitely had the Marketing Director on site.

Nervousness and excitement combined, she was introduced to Alex N., VTSL Marketing Director. As a fan of the VTSL, and with her theatrical personality, doing a practicum with them is just the right entrance for her PR debut. An interview followed the introduction a couple of days later, and everything was really looking up. As of 3:55 pm of February 15th, the official practicum placement was offered to our theatre/PR gal.

“I feel so relieved to finally have a place to do my practicum. And to do it with the VTSL is just such an amazing opportunity for me to embrace both passions—for theatre and for PR. I am so excited with working and definitely watching the shows. I’m really grateful,” Justinne proclaimed.

And now that plans and objectives for the practicum are in the “rehearsal” process, Justinne is keen on the curtain call on March 1st. Let’s just hope she won’t have stage fright.

Vancouver Theatre Sports League is a world renowned live comedy improv, located at the Improv Centre in Granville Island. Established since 1980, the VTSL has produced high-quality actors such as “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. Most recently,  Nancy Robertson of “Corner Gas” and “Hiccups” was an actress at the VTSL.  They offer daily evening shows, competitions, corporate training, rentals, and workshops. For more information, please visit


Justinne Ramirez



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