Love’s Journey

Tonight, I celebrated my Valentine’s Day with the Valentine I’ve had for about five years now 🙂

It’s funny because Zahid told me he “likes” me after having sushi with me and a couple of friends on Valentine’s Day of 2006. Who would’ve thought that a teenage love affair would continue on to its early 20’s?!

Because Valentine’s Day is such a commercialized holiday (along with others), we decided that we’d make something for each other every year instead of buying it. About 3 weeks ago, I had this crazy idea of challenging Zahid with making our own beat, come up with lyrics, and design an album cover. I even had a contest poster. Pretty legit eh?

Well, today, I totally got pwned.

Zahid made this rap (yes, Zahid!), dropped his beats, and also designed an album cover to make it even more legit than I’d ever think!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard his first line…it was just weird that I’m listening to his song in front of him. What am I— his groupie? Haha. I just never thought that he’d actually take it seriously enough to actually make a full song for me. He sounded a  bit like Lloyd (LoL) . His lyrics are cute of course, describing how we met, what’s going on now, and the fact that he wants a future. The beat sounded salsa-ish, and R&B.

Well of course, I made him something too. I baked red velvet cupcakes (I don’t cook at all), and made him a card, as always. I also wrote up my own lyrics for a song called (Dont’t Just) Be My Valentine. It’s supposed to come off as cheesy, corny, and annoying almost…think Hairspray‘s “I Can Hear the Bells.” But I performed it live, as opposed to recording it. So technically, I “lost” my own challenge 😦 But I promised that I will actually put it in a CD as well hehe

We went to Cravings Restaurant after, with live acoustic music playing in the background. It’s always funny to see other couples on Valentine’s Day at a restaurant, because I know that everyone is on a romantic date, trying to “woo” that special someone. And usually, you can tell who’s in an actual relationship, and who’s dating…or at least trying to. People who seem to be in a relationship tend to look more relaxed, while those “dating” seem to be a bit tensed. Duh. And you can totally see if there are “awkward moments”…and times when they’re trying to think of something to talk about. So funny being in a room full of couples! Maybe only I find this funny lol

Anyways, had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with Zahid. I love how we work hard to be with each other. Sure it ain’t easy, but hey, we seem to be doing fine with the fights and all. I think it’s about not giving up on each other, despite of everything else. I mean you have to fight for each other…in the end, you have to genuinely WANT to be together against all odds. Who’s to decide for you? I think it’s gonna be both of you, regardless of whatever.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Just sayin’…


laughing at our relationship

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