Personal Thank You to Donors via Me –A Night of Make Believe

Presented by Kwantlen Public Relations Class of 2011, benefiting Small Talk BC

After a few months of fundraising events, figuring out logistics, PR/marketing, sponsorship, and whether to wear a tiara or a top hat, the Night of Make Believe has arrived. Finally.

I decided to be on the Sponsorship Team, wanting a taste of a challenging role. To be honest, it was challenging and rewarding at the same time! I am so glad I ASKED people to sponsor the events. I didn’t even go too far; I asked a few of those that I’ve met already, and I was thankfully successful.

The Sponsorship Team has worked really hard to secure donations for the silent auction and for cash donations (special mention: Thanks to UPS for being the first ones to donate cash to a Kwantlen PR-produced event). I am so proud of the hard work we’ve all done, and for securing so many donations, along with the help of the PR class/staff!

Personally, I would like to THANK THE FOLLOWING DONORS who’ve contributed to Small Talk Centre through me. These are really great organizations and individuals, and I believe that they are worth recognizing. It’s always inspiring and humbling to see such success stories contribute to students. It reminds me that spirit of giving is definitely alive, even after Christmas!

Thank you:

United Parcel Service (cash donation) – Thank you Cindy. I’m glad I asked you at the right time!


30 Minute Hit Richmond (one-year membership and gloves) – Thank you Tak and Mikey, for helping me stay fit, and also contributing to the community.


Hotel Le Soleil Vancouver (one-night stay with valet parking)- Thank you Ellen for getting back to me.




Park and Fly Vancouver Airport (2 gift certificates)- Thank you Abdul, for keeping your word!



Mr. Shine Auto Detailing Vancouver (6 gift certificates) – Thank you Zahid (my boyfriend) for approaching Mr. Aziz to help the community



Dr. Marietta Quiambao Dentistry (cash donation)- Thank you to my mom for approaching our ever-supportive dentist, who always remembers to give back



Eric Alonzo Real Estate (cash donation)- Thank you again to my mom for approaching our favourite realtor, Eric Alonzo


The Party Pass (half of Justinne’s sales)- Thank you Gabriella for agreeing to donate half of the proceeds my class sells to the organization!



On behalf of my class and Small Talk, I’m really grateful for your support. Small Talk Centre will be further developing its bursary programs for the pre-school-aged students. There is also an urgent need for further development of the aging facility, and your help (and all of the wonderful donors!) means A LOT to the Kwantlen PR program, and to the people at Small Talk Centre.

Special thanks to those who’ve bought tickets from me (from club events to tonight’s event)!

So tonight, everyone is still invited to A Night of Make Believe, which will be happening at 6:30 pm at the Dockside Restaurant. Tickets will be sold at the doors as well, so feel free to arrive. It will be lots of fun, fundraising, and positive energy everywhere 😉

Just sayin’….

To learn more about the Kwantlen PR program, please click here.
To learn more about the Small Talk Centre, please click here.

Disclosure: This post is *not* an official post on behalf of the event organizers and Small Talk BC. This is a personal post from the blogger, Justinne Ramirez, merely expressing her gratitude to those that have helped the PR class and Small Talk THROUGH HER. The PR class and staff have put together a lot of work and effort, and are recognized for the contributions they have made to make “A Night of Make Believe” a success. There is also a BIG list of very kind and generous donors that have donated to “A Night of Make Believe” besides those listed on this page. Please come to the event, and you shall find out!


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