‘Twas the Night of Make Believe

‘Twas the Night of Make Believe, when all through Dockside Lounge
Where generosity was accepted, though we didn’t scrounge
With balloons-a-floating, a candy bar to sweeten the deal
A room full of beauty, positivity so surreal
Companies supported; a variety of items everywhere
Bidding after bidding, raffle draws here and there
The weatherman, parents, teachers, and friends
Everyone was invited, whoever attends
Kwantlen helping Small Talk, oh what a lovely sight
‘Twas a Night of Make Believe all through the night
We are the PR leaders of tomorrow, ready for the press
Surpassing the goal of 10k…what a success!

The Event Management Class of 2011 with Amelia

And it went down. After months of preparation, the Event Management Class of 2011 (aka PR 2011) has made everyone believe that they can raise money for a good cause, and look good doing it 😉

March 1st was the night of the event, at the Dockside Lounge. Black is back, and bring on the tiaras and top hats!

The class of 24 was split into three groups—PR/Marketing, Logistics, and Sponsorship. I was part of the sponsorship team, gathering items for the silent auction. We garnered over $8,000 worth of stuff, and I am so proud of our team.

Leading up to the event, we held club and pub nights, selling other items, which was challenging, but helpful in the end.

Silent Auction Table #1
Silent Auction Table #1

This year, we were able to break records: the first class that collected cash donations, and of course, the class that raised the most money ever in Kwantlen’s PR history. The number to beat was last year’s $8,000, and we were dreaming BIG by aiming for $10,000. Ladies and gents, I am proud to say, we beat last year’s total, and even our dreams…we raised over $12,000!

We’re very proud to contribute tremendously to Small Talk Centre, and raise awareness of what they’re all about! With the help of the sponsors, guests, and our resources, we’re confident that Small Talk will be able to expand their facility and provide pre-school-aged children with the education they deserve. As many say that my generation is the future, these pre-school children is the future for mine.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s event, and please support Kwantlen PR’s event next year!

Me with Global News' Mark Madryga, aka the Weatherman

A Night of Make Believe is presented by the Kwantlen PR (/Event Management) students of 2011, benefiting Small Talk Centre of B.C. They’ve raised over $12,000, surpassing their goal of $10,000 (best in Kwantlen PR’s history of events). Lots of good looking people, food, drinks, a variety of silent auction items, live music, live painting, Mark Madryga, candy bar, 50/50, raffle draws…’twas the Night of Make Believe.

For more details on A Night of Make Believe, please visit: http://www.lesleychang.net/MakeBelieve/

For more information on Small Talk Centre, please visit: http://www.smalltalkbc.org


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