Day One: Hi, I’m Justinne the PR Intern

A view of Granville Island, from my desk today. Spring is here!

Finally it started! The practicum that got me worried, pulling my hair out, super duper excited and pumped for, has finally began. Today was the official introduction of Justinne, the PR intern for the Vancouver Theatre Sports League.

So my boss, Alex (Marketing Director) was nice enough to give me a few hours to sleep in today.  I didn’t leave my house until 10 am, to arrive at the Improv Centre at Granville Island at 11 am. Took my time, wore the traditional pencil skirt, pink shirt with blazer outfit, and even had breakfast (well chocolate cereal, because I deserve it). I arrived at 10:40 am at Granville Island, where I went to my favourite and most familiarized with hang-out, the Kid’s Market. Did you know they have “Grow Your Own Boyfriend” sold there? I guess the Kid’s Market is for adults to play with as well haha.

So 10:55 am, I entered the Administration office of VTSL, and I shook Alex’s hand. Good start! I was quickly introduced to the rest of the office–all had such pleasant personalities! I was acting like such a keener, letting them know that not only am I their intern, but I am such a fan of the VTSL, laddy-laddy-dah. Wow, I am such a dork. Why can’t I play it cool for a second?!

Eventually, I got down to work! At first, my computer’s internet kept crashing. What a start! But eventually, I got along without it for the most part.

So here’s a snapshot of my 11-4pm first day:

  • Introductions to the team
  • Toured the rest of the Improv Centre (wow, the backstage pass!)
  • Alex told me his expectations and what he wants to be accomplished by the end of this practicum
  • Read policy and detailed background of VTSL
  • worked and added to press release for upcoming fundraiser, Dare You
  • introduced to social media plan, and added my ideas
  • met with UBC marketing communication students (I’m not the only student who thinks VTSL is super cool! They’re doing VTSL for a school proj. too)
  • Did a bit of research on Corporate Training that VTSL offers (yes, they do!)
  • Computer’s internet does not like me

Overall, a productive day of course! I am excited to actually get something done in my span of one month with the VTSL. I’d really like to contribute and learn (LOTS) about the real working world. There’s so much to do, so little time, but I will definitely take in this experience and have fun as well. Right now, I am the intern, but not too far from now, I’d be the one stressing out and managing the job, without a mentor like Alex to guide me. Yay, can’t wait haha Enough now, it’s only day one. Bring on the rest of the 20!

Just sayin’…

To read about how I found an internship, please click here


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