The Flower Wish Girl…that’s me!

The Blossom display at Richmond Centre, as of 2 weeks ago
The Blossom display at Richmond Centre, as of 2 weeks ago

So recently, I’ve been working for Blossom, Richmond Centre’s Spring campaign.

Blossom includes a bamboo jungle, Avatar-esque feel to it, surrounded by yellow daffodils and shrubs (for now) with a Wishing Tree displayed in the middle of it. It’s been having a very high flow of traffic, as everybody is curious to know more about it. And that’s exactly what Richmond Centre wants.

Pacing back and forth around the Wishing Tree is an individual. I am one of those assigned individuals. I am also known as the flower wish girl, the one encouraging the community to write their wish down on a piece of paper, and fold it into a flower. The flower origami would be attached to the Wishing Tree. Once the Wishing Tree has 10,000 flowers, Richmond Centre would donate $10,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. For every flower up on the tree, Richmond Centre (not you) will donate $1 to the cause. Wow! What a great way to involve the community, make them feel good, and drive good publicity to Richmond Centre and the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Blossom is a super clever idea from Richmond Centre. Not only do they position themselves a leader, philanthropist, and supporter of Children’s Wish, they also generate positivity from the community, as it brings people together, and allows them to see the growth of the tree. It is a  total community effort of to raise 10,000 flowers for the child in need. It also creates the ultimate customer experience, and brands them as a mall who cares.

As the flower wish girl, I always notice positive reviews from the public. A lot of people definitely voice out how great Richmond Centre is for doing this. And it definitely makes me feel good that the public feels good about doing good. It’s funny how our society is programmed that every little thing that has to do with a charity means that a donation is a requirement. That’s pretty much one of my biggest challenges: getting people to realize that WE, RICHMOND CENTRE, will donate the money, and YOU, THE PUBLIC does not have to! Of course, donations are accepted, and they can be made on the Customer Care Centre.

About 2,000 flower origamis on the tree, as of yesterday
About 2,000 flower origamis on the tree, as of March 10. Do you think we'll reach 10,000 flowers by April 24th?

Even if the blurb in front of the tree says “…we will donate $1 for every flower on the tree”, people still get quite confused. It’s my job to communicate the right message, and not intimidate the people from visiting the tree.

The flower origami is quite difficult, but the instructions are quite clear. There is a chance for the public to take the paper they received home, in order to take a stab of making the flower origami, by using the Facebook video that Richmond Centre had prepared. Technology wins once again!

Anyways, I would just like to invite members of the community to make their personal Spring wish in order to grant a terminally ill child’s wish. Also, the concentration of the wishes generates positivity and makes the wish more likely to come true. I hope a lot are wishing for Japan and other affected nations’ recovery from the earthquake. I hope people are also wishing for world peace, Libya’s freedom, and the freedom of all oppressed individuals. Let’s all make the world a better place. After the wish, I hope we do the action to achieve that wish as well.

Don’t forget to come say hi to me. I’m there on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 🙂

Just sayin’…


Below is the description of Blossom, according to Richmond Centre:

Blossom at Richmond Centre is an indoor tribute to a spring of epic proportions! Witness a sea of living flowers, a bamboo forest and a traditional Wishing Tree. What’s your personal wish? Whatever it is, visit Customer Care or click the link below for a fold-yourself origami flower that you can write your wish on and then hang on the Flowering Wishing Tree! For every wish on the Flowering Wishing Tree, we’ll donate $1 to the Children’s Wish Foundation (For a maximum on $10,000, the amount needed to grant a child’s wish).

The display is available during mall  hours until April 24, 2011. Flower origamis should be returned by this day. For more information on folding, please visit:


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