When the news hits home…


Last night was definitely heart pumping.

All over the local news on May 3rd  was the terrifying image of the unfinished construction of a new residential building on Cambie and Garden City. This time it was on fire. I live across from the Chevron, which is a couple of houses to the left of the burning building.

With the unwanted community gathering in shock about the neighbouring inferno, everyone turned to their favourite device to capture the live footage. It was time for me to put my new smartphone to test, as I became a correspondent for the Twitter and Facebook realms. News spread like wildfire (no pun intended). Local residents were the media’s source. It’s a different world.

How would we handle inaccurate information spreading about our news with non-journalists contributing to the discussion as a news source?  Can future communicators still have the appropriate positioning even with everyone reporting? To what level will social media affect our news? Will our ideas be misguided?

Just sayin’…

To read about the news story, please click here.

To see more of photos I took of the fire and to read my live tweets, please click here. (Scroll down to May 3)


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