Throat hurts from believin’

Exactly, Carrie. I'm sure Vince Vaughn does too.

But it’s worth every pain.

The Canucks advance to the Western finals/Stanley Cup semi-finals.

I am proudly living in a hockey-crazed nation, where if you don’t cheer for the Vancouver Canucks, you might as well move to Chicago. Or Nashville.

I finally have a Canuck jersey and a Canuck hat. What should I get next? I vowed to get a Canuck item whenever we win. Sweat pants? Bathing suit? Skirt?

It’s weird to think that I used to yawn at hockey games. I just did not get it. Until that one play-off game in 2007, when I realized the excitement and tension a Canuck fan feels. And now, I feel it in my heart literally! I can’t breathe properly, heart beats incessantly, hands shaking like I’m an addict…I have every belief in my heart and mind and soul that the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup this year. Sometimes, that belief can take you very, very far. It has so far. That moment of semi-heart attack when it’s a do or die game for us, and I just believe like crazy and post on the Canucks Facebook wall no matter how well we’re doing. I just know we’ll come back, and positive energy will help!

So I’m going to keep believing that our players are well-deserving of their wins, as they are hard-workers that know the pressure of being a Canuck and fight 110% every time (especially you, Kesler and Luo). I’ll keep believing that Vancouver and fans from all over Canada are the best lovers of the game who would stay loyal to their team no matter what. We are all Canucks!

And that’s what makes us a great nation. That’s what champions are made of. Believe. This is what we live for.

Just sayin’…

These are the Vancouver Canucks.


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