What I think of “The Break-Up”

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston...breaking up


Brooke: I just don’t know how we got here. Our entire relationship, I have gone above and beyond for you, for us. I’ve cooked, I’ve picked your shit up off the floor, I’ve laid your clothes out for you like you’re a four year old. I support you, I supported your work. If we ever had dinner or anything I did the plans, I take care of everything. And I just don’t feel like you appreciate any of it. I don’t feel you appreciate me. All I want is to know, is for you to show me that you care.
Gary: Why didn’t you just say that to me?
Brooke: I tried. I’ve tried.
Gary: Never like that, you might have said some things that meant to imply that, but I’m not a mind reader…
Brooke: It wouldn’t matter. You are who you are. Just leave me alone ok? Right now, just shut my door.
Gary: Listen…
Brooke: Alright Gary just please, just leave the room. Gary just… I don’t want to be near you right now, please just shut the door, please.


I’ve just finished watching The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. It’s about a couple who’s going through a breakup while living together, and thinking that it’s a situation that could be fixed. Until one realizes that they don’t feel the same about the relationship anymore, and it is a breakup for real.

Despite the fact that I thought it was a surprisingly good movie, it got really bad reviews. Perhaps this is because it was marketed as a “rom-com”, clearly it won’t make you wanna cuddle up with your sweetheart. Nevertheless, it was a very honest take on a break-up, not your typical happy ending Hollywood movie.

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston really unleashed their acting skills and showed true emotions during the break-up scene. It was heartbreaking for the audience to see a relationship that seemed to be meant to be, unravel into a pure mess. Perhaps it seemed almost too realistic, not sugar-coated with “only in the movies” story line.

Although I’m not going through a break-up, it made me feel really sad. And what if I ever do go through it, is this how it would be?

It definitely was not a rom-com. It was a serious movie with a comedic flair from time to time.

Yes, I recommend it, especially to the ladies that love talking about relationships. And men too, when they finally admit that they’re just as affected.

Just sayin’…


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