Dolphin Cinemas Burnaby: A Winner for Toonie Tuesdays

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Dolphin Cinemas Burnaby Photo Credit: Inside Vancouver

I’ve recently visited this movie theatre for the first time, after searching for other cinemas besides the infamous Famous Players. Just wanted to try something new, and a cheaper alternative.

I was very surprised to find out that they play first-run movies for only $2 on Tuesdays! Although they only had “Kung Fu Panda 2” and “Pirates of the Carribean 4”, these are movies that I would otherwise be paying for for $10+.

I had an impression that the theatre would be quite run-down. However, the theatre itself is well-maintained, with very comfortable seats. It could accommodate what seemed to be 200+ people.

The new management is doing really well. [He] was also very personable and took time to speak with me and my boyfriend, and explained how they would be upgrading the sound system for one of the theatres. He even allowed us to check out the other theatre to see the difference in the sound system once it’s changed. Also, he was cleaning up after the show, along with his staff. It’s always nice to see a down-to-earth manager.

Our total transaction, including the tickets, candy and a drink was $12.

It was really busy on “Toonie Tuesday”, so I suggest to arrive well before the movie starts so you can easily find seats before they turn off the lights.

Toonie Tuesday sounds like a wonderful way to spend a rainy Vancouver evening. Great deal! And hey, the film is the same version as the one that you have to pay $10+ for, so why not?!

Will definitely return.

Just sayin’…


Dolphin Cinemas is located in 4555 East Hastings Street, Burnaby, B.C. For movie listings, please click here.


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