Proud of the Canucks, shame on Vancouver

Vancouver --Canada Place, melancholy after the game...or so I thought

What I thought to be a melancholic Vancouver, turned out to be a little child throwing a tantrum all over the place.

Where were you at the Stanley Cup Finals 2011 with Vancouver Canucks vs. the Boston Bruins?

That would be a topic of discussion that would one day prove how old I am. Well, I watched the final game at the Canada Place, since it had less spectators than the crowd favourites: Granville St. and CBC at Hamilton and Georgia. And of course I’d want to be in downtown Vancouver for THE game, for an easy access for post-game celebrations.

After believing for so many games and off days, the Vancouver Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup, against the stats and predictions. With the whole city, province, and country(ish) backing them up, it’s heartbreaking to witness the B’s lift the Cup up in front of a torn and choked up crowd.

With a few other people who decided to stay to see this moment, we clapped as the better team “brought it home” instead of our boys.

A loss indeed, especially after a hard-fought playoffs with the players who have the biggest hearts and the most loyal fans.

At Canada Place, everything seemed peaceful. Depressed, but calm.

After strolling around taking photos of the picturesque Vancouver shoreline, I’ve decided to explore the City and see how we’re taking this hit.

We were greeted by dozens of blue-jerseyed fans, who seemed again, calm yet depressed. But we were taking it all well, I thought.

Upon approaching Georgia St. and Granville (the heart of downtown Vancouver), a massive crowd and police officers who held their ground greeted us.

Black smoke could be viewed from afar, of which a calm and collected police officer told me, “It’s just a car burning.” No big deal, it seemed like.

Curious, of course, I approached a bigger crowd, who seemed to be looking at one particular direction.

Perhaps another car torching from afar? One of many.

It turns out, it was a group of rioters and police officers chasing them, which caused a stampede. My boyfriend lost his favourite sunglasses! I had lost him in the crowd as we were running for our lives, but found him again a second later.

We went back to the scene, holding onto each other ever so tightly, promising to leave right when the riot police arrives. Our car was parked on the opposite side of the crowd. But we were not allowed to walk through it as roads were blocked and people were being evacuated.

Soon, young men started to throw things at the Hudson’s Bay store display, and people were cheering louder, as if a Canuck player just scored.

I was grossed out by the sight, and felt that I needed to take pictures to document my experience. It is afterall, the time for social media. Perhaps it would help later on.

We kept walking, to eventually find a TV in a Telus store, where people were gathered around to watch the riot unfold on national news!

Downtown riot as viewed from Telus Store TV

What a disgrace.

After a well-behaved Vancouver during the Olympics, and even throughout the whole series, I find it very idiotic of those people to “outdo” the ’94 riot. This is not something to be proud of.

First of all, what is the ultimate goal of destroying these buildings, torching vehicles, disrepecting the City? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF THIS? A few laughs? Then what? NOTHING.

It’s so pointless. A few people participated, and I bet they’re not even Canucks fans! This shameful event has nothing to do with our beloved Vancouver Canucks! It has nothing to do with hockey.

It’s just a few punks who came to Vancouver for the party. And what a way to make us go international, and make history.

This is not what we meant by “History will be made.”

I seriously hope that the fatality claims are false (so far, according to VPD, no fatalities). Noone deserves to be hurt after a hockey game! Not even the Big Bad Bruins fans!

Thanks to the city workers, the police officers from all over the region, the firefighters, the ambulances, the reporters for keeping us all informed and safe.

To the rioters, you ought to be identified publicly. Shame on you!

Congrats to the Boston Bruins!

And to the Vancouver Canucks, we LOVE you! We’re proud of your battle, and thank you for the best playoff series, and for bringing us all together.  I still believe in blue.

To the rest of the City, let’s clean it up tomorrow and show the rest of the world, that we are not all like this.

Just sayin’…

Why can't they just dance their night away like those jumping up and down at the Vancouver Art Gallery?!


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