It was LOUD.

S side of the (S&M) stage at Rihanna's LOUD concert

The first concert I’ve ever been to was on June 25, 2011 (Saturday), and it was LOUD.

LOUD because Rihanna was on stage.
LOUD because I was beside the stage.
LOUD because I sang my heart out and felt like her #1 fan.

Living out LOUD was not bad for a first concert ever. Nope, not at all.

How I won the amazing stage tickets:

Follow me:

After being a 2-year user of Twitter, I’ve so far won four contests by retweeting (copying and pasting tweets to share with others, for those who are non-tweeters). Here’s what I’ve won:

1. Two tickets to Pacific Theatre‘s My Name is Asher Lev, thanks to Raul Pacheco/Hummingbird604

2. Two tickets to see Leave Them Laughing, part of the Women in Film Festival, and dinner for two at Rasoee, thanks to Rebecca Bolwitt/Miss 604

3. A ticket to CPRS Vancouver‘s AGM and Social, thanks to CPRS Vancouver

4. Two stage tickets to Rihanna’s LOUD concert, thanks to Virgin 95.3

As you can tell, I’ve been really lucky by retweeting! I really wish wish wish that I win more contests! Thank you to the people who run the contests!

That’s why I’ve never been super excited to wake up to an alert that went something like this:


Wow! I’m a concert virgin so I couldn’t believe that I got these tickets! If I should say so myself, they’ve chosen a keener winner who’s beyond excited since this experience would definitely be once in a lifetime…for me it was my first. And it’s RIHANNA. ‘Nuff said.

Not knowing what really to expect, I prepared myself by [DORKY CONFESSION] listening to her LOUD album, and familiarizing myself with every single Rihanna song. I realized at the concert that I knew pretty much all of them, so I was singing my heart out. If someone was to take a picture of the side of the stage, I would look like a raging fanatic.

I also went through my closet in panic, when I found out that I’d get stage seats! I thought I’d have to go onstage so I was quite nervous at the same time (I didn’t *phew*). None of my dresses seemed appropriate enough, and I have A LOT of dresses (new one every week this year). I wanted to get something bright and cute, so I ended up going to Forever 21 and Aldo (to accessorize). Here’s what I came up with:

Turquoise romper from Forever 21, accessories from Aldo, Nine West side bag, brown wedged heels

When I was finally escorted to my “seats”, I was super shocked that it was actually right beside the stage (OMFG). Way to live it up, and way to hook it up Virgin Radio!

My date and I ( was his first concert too!), were greeted by the uber tough security lady who told us the rule (no grabbing the artist, no purses on the stage, no leaning, no video-recording, etc.).

Eventually the opening act J.Cole came out at 7:45sh and started the partaay. He was rockin’ the house, and shook hands with the “groupies” to the left: us (OMG).

Soon, B.O.B. was up in his black and yellow outfit (hello, Bruins fan?)! That dude knows how to perform. He was totally giving it his all—jumping, pounding the floor, kicking, and running up and down, here and there, back and forth. His energy was CRAAAZY. And then he sang one of my faves,”Nothin’ On You” (OMG).

RiRi...too bad my camera sucks (next purchase: SLR)


After preparing the FIJI water (Riri drank some during the show) and vodka (lol)  in the mini fridge for the crew onstage, it was ON.

The main event of the evening, created quite a DISTURBIAAA. She was SEXY, definitely lived up to the good girl gone bad style. I was screaming my head off with “I love you Riri!” because she was thisclose to hear my love expression. I swear she looked right into  my eyes a couple of times! She really did 😉

She also chose one lucky lady to give a lap dance to! She was waaay better than me with hip circumgyration, and I’m Filipino…we love doing that (Spaghetti Dance).

Her dancers and band were hottt too! They were giving it their all. Every sweat drippin’ was $$$. One of them even threw in their sweaty towel at us (some girl got it. Ew.).

Quite a performer that she was: on a beat up car, as a “pimp”, on a cannon, in a cage, on a conveyor belt,  on a suspended piano…her Wendy’s-coloured ‘do was bouncing every direction as she gyrated her hips back and forth, up and down.

One scene looked a lil too familiar: audience members and dancers were hitting the car on stage with a bat while everyone went wild…a snap of June 2011 history? Too soon? Or just bringing it home to Vancouver? Haha.

She sang most of the songs from her LOUD album, but also a few of her older ones. I really liked “What’s My Name” because it’s my favourite Rihanna song). She was mind-blowing when she performed “Love the Way You Lie pt. II” on a suspended piano…the vocals were out of this world! All through the night, she kept me dancing as if I was in “Pon de Replay”.

At first I wasn’t sure about Riri performing live, but this changed everything haha! Mad respect for a girl who can belt it out live and shake it like she’s “the only girl in the world”.

After “Umbrella”, she finally “[took] a bow”.

Ultimately, she “[ran] this town”, even claiming that Vancouver is her favourite Canadian city.

I left thinking, “please, don’t stop the music”.

Just Sayin’…

The Rihanna experience

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