A Tale of Verbal Diarrhoea

First writing assignment for a class in Royal Roads : write about your writing style. Here’s my response:

Writing about my writing

Why do words flow naturally when composing a love letter to your first love than it is to complete a 500-word essay on how technology helped with the outcome of World War II?

I believe it’s because there is interest; there is passion.

Not to say that World War II is not interesting at all (I am also a history-documentary kind of gal). Interest attracts me, and passion keeps me in love. That’s why I’m still writing.

As an enthusiastic spelling bee contestant from aged six, my poor blurry eyes always jump to the misspelled words of the bunch. Unfortunately, this is pretty much my biggest strength in writing.

Letters that are mistakenly misplaced haunt me everywhere—from shops misspelling their own name, teachers undecided on a certain word, and to government sites that need a second look. After smirking to myself, I quietly let the guilty know, because it might be the best advice I could ever provide. No, I don’t parade in French couture nor randomly drop the word “capricious” in a sentence all day (at least not yet).

I enjoy writing speeches and letters. I love every opportunity I have to evoke a certain emotion in my writing, without becoming overbearing. I often embarrass myself using awkward sentences, just for the sake of challenging my writing style. And when someone makes a better suggestion, I welcome it like an old friend. Because I love feedback –from anyone, all the time especially from bigger and better word snobs.

My favourite books include those of Mitch Albom, Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi”, and of course, the Harry Potter series. Nothing beats writers that can make you read all night, almost quite literally. Writing pieces by Maya Angelou inspire me; lyrics of One Republic songs play on repeat in my head. I occasionally live by the words of Dr. Seuss as well.

Besides the writing assignments I’ve completed as a student, I’ve written for The Vancouver Board of Trade’s “Young Leader” publication, small pieces for the municipal government, and blurbs about the theatre. I currently maintain a blog to practice my online writing.

I enjoy writing a lot that I— well — write a lot. I have what many would say, verbal diarrhoea. It’s something I would not want everyone to know, but I think it speaks for itself. I welcome my dear acquaintance, “editing”, to eventually become more than just a hangout buddy. Perhaps you could introduce us better?

Just sayin’…


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