My Meloty Experience

English Special For One

I went here one afternoon with my mom, not because we’d planned to, but we were just around the area and wanted some light snack.

Upon entrance, the place was very elegant looking. Since Asian restaurants are not famous for excellent service, I was still kind of expecting to get some service here since the price is not inexpensive.

I had the English Special for One, for $13. They give you three pastries/treats at random, and a drink of your choice. I had this taro cake, strawberry custard, and green tea pastry. I had a Swiss coffee drink, which was fine. The presentation was very cute and girly, in expensive looking china. My mom had meat pastry* for around $10. Overall, we paid $25 for the experience plus tips.

The portions are quite small, and would not satisfy an average man’s appetite. I thought the experience of eating here is perfect for catching up with a friend (someone who’s girly or cutesy), since it’s better for intimate moments. It’s almost as if it’s a secret location since not that many people would pass by it. The restaurant itself was not too quiet, so I guess it’s quite popular with the Chinese community.

The service was actually there! The female servers were polite and came by promptly and as requested.

The ambience is the winner for this experience. They played classical music (in English too!), and had a really nice Victorian restroom.

I recommend this place 🙂

Just sayin’…

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