I went on a date

steering into the direction of self-discovery

Yesterday I went on a date. It was unplanned. It was random. It was lovely.

I’ve spent so much time with everyone else that I’ve forgotten about her. I’ve forgotten how she’s like, what she wants, where she wants to go.

It was refreshing to know she enjoys a used book store and spent hours in it, uninterrupted and with great gusto after buying a book called “Nuns Having Fun.”

She was also fascinated by a tall ship from Russia, equipped with non-English speaking Russian sailors.

She had no plans, nothing to do, contrary to the girl everyone else knows. I found out that she could be chill too, just stopping, walking, and sitting at no particular times.

She was smart this time to not wear her new wedged sandals. Oh she would’ve been tired right away!

She spent too much money on half a sandwich, though she restrained herself from buying beautiful accessories from the Artisans market.

Sure she had a couple of other conversations, but mainly she focused on me.

This is something neither I nor her would do again in awhile. This was a first time for both. I explored the city of Victoria with her, and her with just me.

Oh yes, you guessed it.

I had a date…with myself.


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