Poor service at the Wharfside

As seen on Yelp.ca

Salmon cone wrap with yam fries

The service was quite disappointing for a popular restaurant. The server rarely checked up on us and was in a rush most of the time. My friend’s garlic bread did not arrive until the end of her meal. A refill of my iced tea took 15 minutes.

The food itself was not bad. I had the salmon cone and yam fries and it filled me up. My friend had the mussels and she said they were too small and not satisfying for almost $30. My other friend had seafood pasta and she liked it.

We were seated in the indoor patio and it was okay. I bet the outdoor patio would’ve been better. It’s a popular restaurant so they had a steady flow of customers. We came in on a Sunday lunch hour but it wasn’t that busy compared to a Vancouver restaurant.

I would not recommend this place. No wonder Tourism Victoria did not mention it when we asked for great lunch time restaurants around the harbour.

Just Sayin’…


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