My School Year’s Resolution Contest entry

Here’s my answer to, ” My School Year’s Resolution Contest” . Hopefully I win!


Faced with more challenges as the years of education go by, I am thrilled to know that I am steps closer to what could be my biggest accomplishment: being well-educated.
Here’s what I wish to focus on this year:

1. No more all-nighters. Time management is best practiced at an early stage because the “real world” demands people who can contribute quality work efficiently. With time management, I would have more time to breathe and enjoy other things. Also, I would be healthier with less caffeine, and more sleep.

2. Do less, focus more. I am used to overloading myself with work and extra-curricular activities. I have to realize that by focusing on less activities, I can actually accomplish more.

3. Find resources for my tuition. With resources like Student Awards, I can feel better about my post-grad life knowing that there would be less student loans to pay. I can actually enjoy my income from my first career job more than if I was burdened with loans.


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