Lunch at One Hundred Nights

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My situation: I had lunch with a girlfriend in July 2011; it was under a reservation.

Ambiance: The restaurant is very funky and has an artsy setting. It felt very modern with the graffiti on the wall and the cool colours (blue, turquoise, purple). There was not a lot of people at lunch time, so it was a good place to chat.

Service: We had a really cute female server, and she was very pleasant throughout the whole experience. She gave off the “hey girlfriend!” vibe, and we were very comfortable with her. Her service was better than the other servers because she made sure we had everything we needed without being too intrusive.

Food: I had the sandwich with fries, and the portions were huge! I also had a summer drink, and the whole thing cost me 15$ plus tip. Not bad at all! I wasn’t able to finish my food and even had to get the rest to go.

Overall experience: I really enjoyed my lunch at 100 Nights! It was a different experience with a very cool setting. It’s perfect for lunch dates with friends, or if you’re trying to impress a date. I have yet to check out how it is at night, but I’m sure it’d be great based on this experience. Yes, I  do recommend!


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