Dining Experience at East is East, Main St.

As seen on Yelp.ca

Friday night musicians at East is East

My situation:
I was out with my boyfriend on a Friday night with no reservations. We waited for about 15-20 minutes before we were finally seated. In the meantime, we were offered to have some “chai” tea and mango “lassi” with pistachio. My boyfriend, who is used to having such drinks, thought that the drinks were great!

The restaurant requires street parking.

Once you’ve entered the establishment, you’ll realize how small and popular it is, and that you should have made reservations if you haven’t already. Because I am a fan of beautiful ambience, East is East gave an exotic experience for its customers. The seats were really short however (it was on these wooden stools, and some were against this drape with artisan pillows). I felt like I was in “the East”, with the low tables and the rugs everywhere; its website description of letting you “travel to the East” is quite true!

The folk singers/musicians added to the exotic feel of the place. They were playing live “background” music. Think of people jamming as you eat.


Double Roti

I ordered the double roti with the “Ghengiz Khan” (minced beef) and the “Mughal” (chicken). I can see why the Mughal was the more popular one since the chicken was really tasty. I didn’t really like the “Ghengiz Khan” because it was hard to differentiate between the meat and the vegetables; the meat was too pureed/minced.

My boyfriend ordered the “Silk Route Feast” and particularly enjoyed the Mango Butternut Squash. The portions were quite small, although it was all-you-can-eat.

Silk Road Feast

The ladies who served us were pleasant and helpful. They refilled the glasses of water without being asked, and came to our service right away. They weren’t intrusive or too chatty; they weren’t invisible either.

Overall Experience:
It’s not a great place for big groups because of how small the place is; it’s best for dates or a small (4) group of people. It also wasn’t best for tall people since the seats were really low (and I saw a gentleman have a hard time sitting, so he ended up sitting on the floor). I’m short, and my knees were the same height as the table when seated.

I thought it was a bit pricey for Indian/”Eastern” food, having eaten at authentic Indian restaurants before. However, the experience was unique that I suggest that it’s a wonderful place to impress a date or a tourist.

Just sayin’…


To check out East is East, here’s their website: http://www.eastiseast.ca/.


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