I don’t want a guy to have a “crush” on me

Today, my sister and I attempted to take the Philippine form of public transportation(the jeep) to SM Fairview all  by ourselves. Well, not really entirely just by ourselves; my fifteen-year-old cousin accompanied us. But before we could get to the jeep station, we decided to walk to it instead of taking the pedicab because I realized that this would be my only form of “exercising” in the next month.

Rocking my blue-green romper, sunglasses, and wedged-sandals, I was super hot! Every step I took was worth fifteen minutes of using the elliptical machine at Steve Nash. Anyways, because of my outift, I was attracting unwanted attention to myself. I could feel shirtless men leering at me. When we eventually passed an elementary school, this little kid kept yelling at me that the school bus driver “has a ‘crush’ on me.” I didn’t know how to handle it so I just waved and said “thank you.”  I know he didn’t really have a “crush” on me, but I know that I was suddenly feeling uncomfortable instead of confident in my choice of clothing.

Note to myself: wear appropriate clothes for appropriate times. As much as I wanted to dress as “normal” as I usually would, I really should dress down and look “normal” in Metro Manila standards (shirt and shorts?). Unless of course, I go to Eastwood. Then, I can finally rock Justinne-approved fashion.

Just sayin’…

My outfit, without the jacket

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