What to give this Christmas?

I know that Christmas can be stressful and sometimes you just have no clue what to give someone. Ugh, I know exactly how that feels! Here are some of my random Christmas gift ideas:

  • For your child: Re-create their drawings into something that is real! http://childsown.com/index.html ***No longer taking orders for this year. Order placements resume in January 2012
  • For your lover: This is good for long-distance relationships, or the really cute couple http://boldloft.com/osc/boy-meets-girl-c-77.html 
  • For your parents or in-laws: Help them help others! They will feel greaaat, and so would you! http://www.worldvision.org/content.nsf/pages/gc-redirect?Open
  • For him: Why not customize his shirt? http://www.shirtsmyway.com/
  • For your parents or your love or your pals:  A photoshoot sesh from one of the group buying sites or a well-established photographer
  • For your parents: A mini statue of them? One of my cousins loved this. This is a great gift “in memory” of someone  http://www.1minime.com/
  • For your friends: A massage sesh from one of the group buying sites
  • For your stressed-out friend: A gift-certificate to somewhere de-stressing like a theatre (Vancouver TheatreSports League www.vtsl.com, etc.), sports game (ie. Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions, etc.), adventure (snowboarding pass, pass to a local attraction, etc.). Experience gifts are awesome!
  • For your girlfriend: Something to get dolled up with (ie. hair styling tool) http://www.folica.com/
  • For your artsy pal: A polaroid camera, a gift certificate to Raw Canvas, a scrapbook set.
  • For your friends: Personalized cupcakes that you possible made (or ordered)
  • For your boyfriend: A set of some sort. Choose a theme: car-related (GPS, cushion for his car seats, car waxer, etc.), gym-related (gym bag, gym headphones, protein shake, a new outfit), sports related (tickets to his fave team’s game, team swag), vanity (nice shaving kit, hair stuff, gift certificate to a salon, etc.)
  • For the reader: As much as there are e-books nowadays, there is something still so special about real books that you can hold! How about 3 books from the Top 100 Notable Books of 2011 from the New York Times?! Or perhaps choose one, add a gift card from the book store, and a special book mark.
  • For the boyfriend who’s always late: How about an iPod and a wristwatch combined? Hopefully that would make him love you more!
  •  For the girlfriend: Almost every girl loves to keep herself pretty. This will make your girlfriend pretty happy.
  • For anyone, really: A magazine subscription. Everyone likes to read some sort of magazine (O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Elle, etc.) because it’s an easy read and highly visual. It’s a way to bring someone off the stressful real life. So pair this subscription with a set of PJs, and you’re sure to make your recipient happy this winter (and beyond!).
  • For the party hosts: A colourful bouquet holiday plant, chocolates, and wine. It’s generic, festive, and thoughtful. 

I’ll be adding to this as the season goes, but I hope that you find some cool and unique stuff from my list! Do you have any other suggestions?

Happy gift-giving 🙂

Just sayin’…


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