Holiday shopping = stressful

From the Vancouver Christmas Market last year

Holiday shopping has added to my stress! I don’t have a scroll-long of people to buy for, yet the exhaustion is taking over me.

Perhaps my indecisiveness is a factor to my tired feet and headache. I also prefer to shop by myself since knowing that somebody else is being affected by my staring games with products will only burn me out even more. Thank goodness all that walking should be a little bit of a substitute from my low attendance at the gym these past couple of weeks.

Who am I to give tips on how to make shopping less stressful, but I will anyway. More as a reminder to myself, really.

Have a list of people and a budget.

Luckily, I do have a list of people and a budget for each person. This helps me eliminate what’s too expensive and what a great deal would be.

Wear proper shoes and bring water.

For obvious reasons, you need to keep yourself comfortable. Expect to move around a lot, which would drain out your energy. Bringing water with you also saves you a trip from getting a drink from somewhere else. Wanna take advantage of the walking? Wear your Skechers Shape-Ups.

Bring a small purse.

A small purse will help you shop more comfortably. You won’t have to knock over every figurine on display at Hallmark. Remember to bring every method of payment, since you don’t want to hold up the line of other stressed-out holiday shoppers. Bring your points cards and gift cards too (those would come handy!).

Give yourself a time limit.

Try to be productive by focusing on what you need to buy and where these could be found together. Allow yourself to have a couple of hours after work, so you can still go home and enjoy the night. You have more time some other day, but you have to make the time. Having a time limit allows you to relax more after.

Treat yourself to a tall peppermint mocha.

Or whatever it is. Something small is good so it doesn’t cut into your budget. Getting something for yourself will allow you to relax and breathe as well.

Okay, I will also listen to myself. Holiday shopping may be stressful for everyone (oh, you’ll see the mood changes beyond those merry smiles!) but it doesn’t have to be too bad for you. Just remember to breathe really. We all forget to sometimes.


Just sayin’…


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