Bright Times at Bright Nights

What a bright time! It's the right time to rock the night away!
I went to Bright Nights at Stanley Park on the weekend to take advantage of the holiday spirit and cheers. It was my second time to visit, and I’ve totally forgotten how spectacular it is! It’s more fun from what I remember, when I last visited in 2009, and I think that it was definitely time well-spent.

Although it was heavily populated by families, and friends, Bright Nights is a popular date night choice for Vancouverites. Couples were admiring the bajillions of colourful lights, transformed into a Christmas wonderland. I also love how helpful couples are to each other! We take photos of you and your lover, if you do the same for us. It almost makes me hope that events like these should start having volunteers roaming around to take photos for lights admirers.

This year is Bright Nights’ 14th year, and the proceeds go towards the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. Admission is by donation, of which they suggest each person to give $4. Of course, be generous!

In addition to the lights, there were also entertainment (a Christmas band!), food stands (traditional Christmas treats–hot chocolate, chestnuts, etc.), and photos with Santa Claus (again, by donation of $5).

And before I forget (I almost did since I didn’t get to go on it this year!), there’s also a train ride that tours you around (for about 5-10 minutes?) the magical forest to see more aww-mazing lights! I went on it in 2009, and it was a lot of fun for kids- and adults-alike. However, you have to book your train ride waaay in advance  (not even the day of! I tried.) to ensure that you get a tour!

The whole lights-seeing took my boyfriend and I about an hour and a half. You really go on your pace, so with pictures and all, expect about two hours to adore the display. Also, nighttime is always the best time to go, and even the rain does not really ruin the experience (it was a little wet when we went!).

So YES, I recommend going to Bright Nights! It is on daily, until January 2, 2012. Also, they are open until 10 pm on weeknights, and 11 pm on weekends.

To book your train ride, click here.

Just sayin’…(Merry Christmas!)


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