Gold Star for Goldfish

My situation:
It was a very important evening as it was the 5th annual Christmas play/dinner with my beau. We’d decided to go with Goldfish Seafood from the Vancouver Playhouse’s DINING PERKS list. Goldfish has always looked so cozy from the outside, so I convinced my boyfriend that this is a Goldfish opportunity presenting itself.


We arrived at Goldfish after having a fabulous time at “La Cage Aux Folles” at the Playhouse. It was around 10:45 pm when we arrived, and from the moment we stepped in, the restaurant was vibrating with energy. The crowd was full of people in their 20s, accompanied by a live DJ. It was a very loud place that my boyfriend made a comment that he felt like we were in a club. It was a very loungey atmosphere, and we were seated in the midst of it all! We definitely wanted a more intimate night, where other diners could see us much, so we had requested for a booth. The friendly Jason Segel-uesque server had gladly ushered us to a huuuuuge booth meant for a party of 6+. This was pretty much the only problem we’d encountered since the booth was so big, the servers were having a hard time placing our plates in front of us. Nevertheless, I thought that was really accommodating of them to have granted my request on a busy-ish night, filled with pals having their Christmas dinner. Already, my experience with their service was looking up.


The Playhouse DINING PERK from Goldfish consisted of a 3-course menu. It was $28 for appies, main, and dessert. I ordered the Roasted Butternut Squash soup, which was creamy and tasty. My boyfriend had the Local Greens Anti-Oxidant salad, which he liked fine.

Butternut Squash Soup

As for the main course, I had the Braised Beef Macaroni (mushrooms, cauliflower, cream, truffle oil) which was amazing! The portion was quite big, and the meat was very tender. It was very filling that I only had half, and had to take the rest home. But then again, I don’t really eat thaaaat much and rarely finish my plate at restaurants. My boyfriend had the Short Ribs and Mash (braised beef, cashew brittle, radish, scallions, mashed potato). I thought that the presentation was neat. He thought that the portions were quite small, yet when he finished his meal, he felt that it was alright after all (he wasn’t super full, nor was he still hungry–it was just perfect).

Short Ribs and Mashed

Finally, we were served the Chocolate Lava Cake. This was really filling (or perhaps savouring the meat previously had caused us to feel fuller?), and very delicious. I wish I wasn’t so full so I could’ve enjoyed it more. Anything chocolate is a winner for me!

Chocolate Lava Cake

The service was excellent! From making my reservations, the Twitter shout-out, the cooks’ work, the happy servers (though it was a late dinner already!)…I felt like the whole Goldfish team worked well together!

Overall Experience:
I (insert intensifier here) enjoyed my evening! The play was spectacular, and the dining experience was awesome. The music wasn’t too loud in the booth anymore, so my boyfriend and I were able to hear each other. The value was great for the food we had, and the service was wonderful. I definitely recommend Goldfish! Also, you can use the DINING PERK option until May 5th, even before or after your Playhouse date, just present your ticket.

Gold star for Goldfish!

Just sayin’…


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