Behind the wheels at TBC Indoor Racing

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My situation

I was on a date with my boyfriend, and I booked reservations a few hours before, the day of. The booking process was easy, but it could be a concern that the reservation requires you to process your payment over the phone, and it is non-refundable.

The racetrack was located in a hidden corner somewhere in the farmlands of Richmond. Perhaps it seemed like that as it was super dark at 7 pm. It had a very masculine, bad-ass, garage-like ambience, definitely geared towards a guys’ night out, or girls ready to vamp it up.

The service was efficient, and straight to the point. They weren’t extra friendly, but it was decent. More friendliness over the phone would have been appreciated.

Overall Experience
The experience was a bit expensive, even for their Sunday night special ($12 per 6-8 minutes of racing; otherwise $20). The race track was a bit tricky, and the go karts were fast yet it was a bit difficult to make smooth turns without drifting and hitting the other racers. Remember, you race with your own time and not particularly with other racers. I didn’t know that so I was going as fast as I could, and had a few warnings!

TBC shows you a five-minute video on safety and instructions, and I like how they put some personality in the video (it corny but bearable).

Time went by quickly, and we were out in 30 minutes even with two races. I would’ve liked a cheaper rate as $50 could be gone before you hit the brakes! I would go more often if it was cheaper.

It was a lot of adrenaline rush,so it was definitely a lot of fun! Perfect for dates and even a GNO.

Yes, I recommend it 🙂

Just sayin’…


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