Just sayin’ in 2012

Blog, blog, blog it up!

I believe in new beginnings, and I believe that’s what 2012 would give me!

In 2011, I was able to make 50 blog posts, which was 25 more than the goal I had for myself earlier that year. As a PR/Communications student, my intention is to practice my online writing skills, which would help with my online personal branding, and my offline writing as well.

For my online life, this is what I want for 2012:

To finally attend a tweet-up — I’ve never been to a tweet-up, and have asked a couple of friends about it. I’m not sure what to expect, how I can be useful in tweetup, and what I can get out of it. But I think I’m ready to try!

To also attend a meet-up — Like a meet-up, I also have never been to a meet-up! I’m subscribed to three meet-up groups, and they are all things I’d like to try (photography, French language, blogging), and I am keen to attend at least five meet-ups this year!

To have three blogs that I follow, and constantly comment on — Part of online personal branding is to stay involved and active online. As much as you want people to comment on YOUR blog, you have to give to get! I will choose three blogs that I will subscribe to and comment on.

To look my name up on search engines at least once every two weeks —  I really like social media, but I love my privacy more! I want to keep my online life and my personal life separate, so I will make sure that I watch what I post publicly, and at the same time do what I can to keep my phone number off the internet. Thankfully I don’t take any risque photos!

To do more do a review at least once a week on either a local event, travel place, or local restaurant — I really enjoy blogging about events, local eateries, and the odd adventure that I get to go to. I use Yelp.ca, Dinehere.com, and of course my blog to promote and warn my readers about my experiences.

To write briefly and succinctly — As mentioned in my previous post, I have verbal diarrhea and it has got to stop!

To use Twitter to promote local businesses and events, to engage with other social media users, to create more contacts, and to tweet my own finds (PR-related would be great!) — I admit, I tend to ask more questions on Twitter than I answer them. I’ll be more helpful this year and engage with other users! I should also tweet my own finds, and create my own material.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I would love to hear feedback! Hopefully I get to fulfill the goals of this blog in the first place—to find my online voice, and be able to represent myself well on screen!

Can’t wait to connect with you online and offline 😉

Just sayin’…


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