SPA EVIAN- Feels like a mini-getaway!

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Spa Evian reception


To celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend, we decided to splurge a bit more than usual dinner, and get a couple’s massage. It took me awhile to find one that has a good reputation, yet at the same time being affordable. Yelp introduced me to Spa Evian!

The spa


It was a plus to know that they have free underground parking for their customers. Free and parking are rare combination nowadays. We were pleasantly greeted by the front desk employee, who directed us to the next room, which is a room with a large screen and spa chairs for pedis/manis.

Serene it was, and clean for sure. I used the washroom, and was excited by the heated toilet with an automatic bidet!

The couples’ room had two heated water beds, with a built-in shower, sink, and towels everywhere. Of course, the elevator (SPA) music was on, which added to a relaxing mood.

The spa was very big, and I understand that they hold parties often too (hello GNO) while a movie plays on the big screen.

Couple's Massage Room


From the phone to the estheticians, we had a very positive experience. It was my boyfriend’s first spa experience, and he wasn’t too comfortable at the thought of a spa at first (I’ve had spa experiences outside of Canada). The estheticians (I had Anny) were very polite, professional, and respected that it was a relaxing place (they weren’t chatty).

I had the “relaxing massage” while my boyfriend had a “deep tissue massage”, as the receptionist suggested that men like a harder pressure. I felt very relaxed, and the esthetician seemed knowledgeable about which muscular spots need attention and pressure.

My boyfriend thought that his pressure was too strong, since he didn’t know what to expect. Perhaps if you’re not enjoying your experience as much, you really should speak up as the estheticians just want to do their job well.

I loved my massage especially when they put the really hot towel on my back. It was just the right way to complement the oil and massage.

Tea and a film please?


The one-hour experience felt like a mini-getaway! I’ve been raving about this spa and my experience that I feel like it’s been ages since I last went (it’s only been a week!).

The only thing that I didn’t like was the aromatherapy. I didn’t really smell it, and I chose lavender (they make you choose in the beginning).

At the end of the session, they gave my boyfriend and I each, a $20-gift card to their spa , small sea face sponge, and masque.

The couples’ massage total was less than $200, plus tax and grats.

I also liked how they thanked us via a customized email after, which just shows that they appreciated our business.

Subscribe to their Facebook page for specials as well.


Just sayin’…

To find out more about Spa Evian, click here.

We paid for the experience ourselves, and this review is not sponsored. 


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