A week and a half: Being a Vegetarian

The Naam veggie steak that I did not like. I like potatoes though. Yum.

So, on April 1, I became a vegetarian. No joke!

WHY are you doing this, Justinne?

As you all know, I enjoy watching documentaries. Nah, you probably didn’t know that.

I stumbled upon Robert Kenner’s Food Inc. (2008) and felt distraught about the conditions of animal slaughter. Most of them don’t even see the light of day. What’s the point of living for these animals? Why are we so cruel?
The documentary made me think a lot, and the more I look at my bunny (before) and our cat now, I can’t even imagine that people eat animals like them somewhere.
I love animals, and really think that we should protect them. With all the technology  that we’ve developed, I’m really curious to see if we can have food alternatives that don’t have to involve suffering of other living creatures. I know there’s a few in the works.
Although I do enjoy my meat, I thought that maybe I should try living without it. This month, I decided to put that thought into action.

WHAT do you eat?

I know that everyone has their own views on being a vegetarian and what it involves, etc., but I thought that I should at least take it slow. I’ve never really been much of a vegetable eater myself, so even just simply eating vegetables is quite challenging. I’ve decided that my challenge this month is to not eat meat.. I eat eggs, dairy products, but I do not eat meat. I think that’s good to start with.

I went to The Naam last week, and although I didn’t particularly enjoy the veggie steak, it’s nice to know Vancouver has options. The Foundation is my fave so far (it’s the only other veggie restaurant I’ve been to), and I’ve yet to go this month.

HOW does it feel so far?

It’s been challenging to choose from restaurant menus, and being Filipino and all, there’s meat everywhere at home. I’ve been surrounded by mouthwatering dishes, and had to REJECT JOLLIBEE CHICKEN JOY. Portobello mushroom burgers, soup, salad, bread, etc. = my restaurant feast!

I haven’t really read much about a vegetarian diet, so so far it’s been pretty bad for me. I’ve felt weak several times during the day, and tend to have a higher sugar intake especially at night because I’m hungry! I haven’t even been to the gym since the month started (okay, that’s probably because I’m busy with my new position, and tend to relax when home)…I have to start being healthy!

WILL YOU continue this?

So far, it’s only been a month. I’ve been getting AWESOME food suggestions from friends, so I really like how there’s something there for me. I went grocery shopping last week and got a vegetarian scallopine, which has been my only meat-like food option at home. There’s a few to still try: veggie ground rounds, Yves, Tofurky, etc.

Lettuce see how this goes for me! In the meantime, would love to know what YOU suggest!

Just sayin’…

Chicken Joy---DENIED.

4 thoughts on “A week and a half: Being a Vegetarian

  1. I have been vegetarian for 16 years and had some great meals and awful, also found foods that improve my energy not lower. I do remember the first month being tough though, well done for keeping going. I have started bloging vegetarian recipes at cookvegi.wordpress.com you might find some helpful quick recipes there. Just started but will update daily x

  2. HEy good work keeping going. Been vegetarian 16 years and remember that first month well. I enjoy it now though. STarted bloging good, energy boosting, easy vegetarian meals at cookvegi.wordpress.com you might find it useful, just started it but will update daily so should get good range. Good luck and Keep going.

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