For nanay and tatay…

Yesterday, I got the chance to visit my grandparents’ gravesite. For those of you who don’t know, my family had to go on an emergency trip to the Philippines in the fall of last year, because my grandmother was very ill. Before November ended, and we were already back in Canada, my grandfather passed away…nine days later my grandmother did too. Thankfully we were there to spend their last moments with them. Thankfully, I expressed my love and care for them when I knew they could still feel it. No regrets.

The reality of my grandparents’ death has finally stared me in the face yesterday. It’s one thing to watch the viewing online (hello, e-burol), it’s another thing to see them laid to rest at last. I was very hesitant in coming, but I’m glad I did. It would’ve been my grandmother’s 82nd birthday on Tuesday, and I’m happy for her that she’s with her true love, forever in peace.They provided the foundation for our family, and forever they would be missed. Had my grandma been there, I know she would’ve hugged me as I let those tears fall…but I know that her love, along with my grandfather’s, forever stays in our hearts and our memory.

“No Other Love can warm my heart
Now that I’ve known the comfort of your arms
No other love.”

Rest in peace, Tatay and Nanay.


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