Write to yourself

FutureMe.org has helped me cope during times when there’s really noone better to talk to than myself. It’s a free, online website that allows you to write letters to your future self (also to other people, actually) via email.

Me, in 2011, confused about my way of life. Just kidding…I was trying to create a Stanley Cup replica made out of playing cards, with mon amie, Mimi.

So apparently, my first letter to myself was on March 9, 2011. My biggest worries consisted of my Kwantlen PR practicum, getting into Royal Roads, getting a part-time job and paying my credit card. Le sigh…those were my biggest issues then! Glad that things worked out for me as I spent my one-month PR practicum at Vancouver TheatreSports League, I was accepted into Royal Roads University (and in fact, graduating this year!), got a part-time job with Cadillac Fairview as a customer care representative and also I most likely paid my credit card, as until now, I’ve never ever missed a payment. I hope I never will 🙂

Since 2011, I’ve written more “letters” to myself and just did before this post, for me to read exactly next year 🙂

FutureMe is a cool tool as you can schedule letters to even a year or so ahead, so one day, you’ll just magically receive a letter from the past. It’s nice to see what kept you up at night then, what made you cry (or who!), what you were cackling over day and night. It’s almost a pat on the back and also a way to reassure yourself that things will be different for you and that you’ve moved on from your situation back then. A nice little reminder to yourself, from yourself. 

Now go write yourself one…you’ll thank yourself one day for it 🙂

Write here, write now: www.futureme.org/




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