Unofficial holder of a communications degree

Today marks the last day of class to obtain my BA in Professional Communications. My convocation is in November!

After completing my last assignment a couple of days ago, I can’t believe that this is it! 20 courses taken; 2 months in Saanich, BC; 2 years of hard work…and the day has finally arrived.

I can’t wait to see what’s ahead now that this milestone has been reached! But for now, I’ll remember to take it easy…and breathe.

So far, I got these advice:
-“Remember to gain other life experiences.”
-“Follow your dreams and make them matter.”
-“Keep it up. The learning doesn’t end here.”
-“Breathe. Have fun!”

Any more?

I’m just so blessed to have education under my belt; no one can take this from me. And so many people strive for it. I’ll know to cherish it and to enjoy the wealth of knowledge that’s been shared with me. Thanks to everyone who made it happen for me, especially my parents.


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