Breaking Bad…Habits

According to (hey, it works!), it is a common belief that a habit takes 21 days to break or make. In my case, I challenged myself three weeks ago, first days of September 2013 to break a nasty habit that’s been giving me head-splitting headaches. This habit was so terrible that it had cost me so much money, affected my health and also wasted my hours countless times.

I already explained and sought out help in a previous post and here I am, I have actually succeeded this time.

I have stopped splitting my ends for the past 21 days or so!

It was challenging, frustrating and satisfying all at the same time. The fact that I’ve stopped a stupid habit that I thought would plague my life forever accentuates the saying that “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Here’s how to end the splitting ends or other habits that pull on you like crazy:

Take it seriously and think about the consequences of that nasty habit
This time, I took myself seriously. After my glasses were once again replaced as my eyes had gone drastically worse just in the past year, it dawned on me that my split ends won’t all disappear, but my eyesight could (or something like that). Splitting my ends was such a therapeutic habit that allowed me to concentrate on doing just that, yet at the same time, gave me all the time to think in general. However, at the end of the day, I could have alternatives to thinking and feeling relaxed. Splitting my ends was killing my eyesight, wasting my time and shows a lack of self-control…it just didn’t cut it anymore (lol) especially when I was losing too much!

Start with step one
I got a hair cut to start off, shorter than usual, to the point where I can’t even split my ends even if I tried since I wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Resist, sistah (or bro)
I still ran my hands through my hair –what was once the start of my hair splitting ritual— but that ended there. There’s a reason why you must resist and you have to stick to it and distract yourself. I’d do this by looking somewhere else. This totally worked for me because I am easily distracted.

You’re closer than you think
My hair grew a little (as hair sometimes do :P) that I could sometimes see the ends of my hair, yet I held back from repeating those habits, reminding myself that I was closer to my 21-day challenge. This in itself kept me from going astray…I hate losing. I hate losing challenges, especially ones that I set for myself. Plus, the fact that I had a deadline kept me going and knowing how close it was…aah, rewarding.

The next level to this challenge comes when my hair grows longer. I know that seeing how far I’ve come will motivate me, but of course, there would be times when it would just be hard to keep away! It is a habit that’s accompanied me for almost a decade now but I know that a new habit can be formed for the next decade.

You can’t stop things overnight. But it sure looks like you can stop it for 21 days…or start it 😉



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