Ohm into yoga

JK Naturals
I would love to be able to do the Dancer’s Pose with no difficulty!
Photo from JK Naturals Blog

It’s like when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone first came out. I tried it, but didn’t get the hype. Years later, I am still spewing jokes and spells from the Wizarding World as if I was a member of Dumbledore’s Army.


I’ve tried it last year at Steve Nash Fitness Club, but felt more stressed not relaxed after my first class. I need to put my legs where for how long?! I was more tensed, comparing my (in)ability to hold a pose against the surrounding yogis who were so focused on their practice that I probably did not exist to them. Then, I attended another class led by an instructor who asked us to do the cat pose and made us hiss and meow. Riiight. I was holding myself from cackling like a hyena.

Recently (aka in January 2014), I got more into yoga! It was definitely a new year’s resolution that I didn’t ask for. I was doing yoga at work with a few other colleagues during our lunch time, helping out our fellow colleague who is on her way to becoming an instructor. I signed up thinking that I should give yoga another chance and I really enjoyed it at work! Sure, why not go for more?!

Then, I tried it again at the Cambie Community Centre with a yoga teacher who barked at me for mirroring her as she demonstrated the next pose. Don’t copy me, just watch! Okay, I will not return to this one.

So far, I’ve also tried hot yoga at Chopra Yoga (click for review) and hatha at Perfect Hearts in Steveston. Hot (hatha) yoga has been enjoyable as I like the fact that it can count on it as a fat burning workout given that your face and other parts of your body (ew) are raining sweat on your mat, hallelujah! I also enjoy yin yoga (ooh, it’s like an eight-hour sleep!) and lots of hatha. Well, that’s all I’ve tried up to this date.

Passport to Prana…hope it is useful!

What I like about yoga so far is that it really clears your mind, if you think about doing that (ha, what?!). You really must be in the moment as you go through your practice to get the most of your experience. You need to breathe properly (in and through your nose unless otherwise instructed), which can help you with being mindful and in tune with your body. This is necessary especially since we’re always so busy! In addition to being mindful, I also like how yoga can help you become more flexible, leaner, stronger and live a healthier lifestyle by eating better, being kinder and breathing good karma into your life.

My goal is to be able to perform each pose without any difficulty. Such as the dancer’s pose, perhaps? I do not intend to become an instructor, but by next year, I wish to become an avid yoga practitioner. My dream is to go on a one-week trip to Bali to celebrate my 25th birthday–by myself–and practice yoga there.

To reach my goal, I have vowed to try different yoga studios every week or at least practice yoga at least twice a week.I like how Steve Nash Fitness Clubs have yoga classes! To complement my gym membership, I discovered a pretty cool card (thanks again to that lovely colleague) called Passport to Prana,  which allows you to try one yoga class from over 30 studios in B.C. (and other cities that you are subscribed to). Too bad there’s only Bikram in Richmond though. The card is worth $30 and is good for the rest of the year. I hope to chronicle my yoga journey in this blog (but I have yet to use the card).

Retail therapy helps! I have added a couple more to this collection.

Also, I made a commitment by buying the proper yoga gear such as a yoga mat (1/4″), yoga towel, yoga bag and of course, yoga pants and tops. Retail therapy is always motivating, ain’t it?!

No pressure though. I am able to forgive myself for the poses that I have yet to become available to me. And I also like that I am reminded to be good to myself. Yay! I hope this works out :). Namaste.

Any tips for beginners? Any class suggestions? Any studios to try out? Comment below or email justinne.rz[at]gmail.com.


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