Life update. Spoiler alert: Plot twist ahead.

So, a new lifestyle will soon begin.

A life update is a must. Although I know I don’t owe anyone a story, a ramble or even a tweet, I haven’t been in touch with a lot of people in awhile so this is a good way to connect.

I graduated almost a year ago and felt terrified. I booked a cliché “trip in your 20s” to Europe, but only for three weeks. My contract with my municipality job ends at the end of May. Yes, life happened in that order.

I was a little scared of graduating from school because that was a string that tied me to my youth. I know I’m still young, blah blah blah, but life is different when you’re done with your university days and now have to pay “adult” tickets. Screw you student card that expired in November 2013!

Next, I booked a trip that I’ve been preparing for, for almost two years. I’ve read about it everywhere and it seems like a lot of fun. And so I did. I booked my trip to Europe for my 24th year of life, in the summer. I’m flying to London (no, not alone…) but don’t know where it goes from there. I hope no one judges me, but this makes me really happy and excited. (Even if you judge me, that’s technically none of my business.)

Also, my contract for a certain municipality, working in a department that’s in line with my profession, is coming to an end. It was supposed to be a three-month gig that started in October 2012 and boy, am I lucky that I convinced them to keep me for this long! Maybe the hilarious puns and Tim Horton runs worked! I love my job in corporate communications, working with the people I look up to and enjoy being with. I love my job and what it does for the community. I love my profession in communications and how it gives me hope that it will always be a job meant for humans, in spite of self-check-outs and online generators. Sigh…will everyone now stop randomly talking to me in hopes that I’d get them a City job?! Lol…just kidding… :$

Now what’s in store for me?! I have no clue. I have never been in a situation where I’d (soon) be in between jobs, out of school and on my way to a trip of a lifetime! Exciting—it sure is. But I am friggin’ scared of uncertainty. But I hope I make something happen. Suggestions are welcome. Be kind. Adulthood is not too bad, right?! (Please nod.)


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